Mini Gnocchi and and Tempo Runs


Yesterday I went on an easy 5 mile run during which I got a side ache.  Ugh.  Today I’m planning to do a 6 mile tempo run.  Fingers Crossed!  After my run I made this:


I LOVE Italian food.  And this is so easy!! I got mini gnocchi’s from Cost Plus, they have the best kinds there (including truffle gnocchi. Drool).  Then I always add a little somethin to some store bought pasta sauce, in this case, a little extra olive oil, garlic, basil, and pepper.

Seriously Trader Joe’s frozen Basil and garlic in the little cubes is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.  No chopping or washing! They look like this:


Then of course some parmesan cheese on top.

Then last night we went to the opening night of the San Francisco Ballet. It was so gorgeous and so much fun.  I have never been to the ballet and it was actually even more beautiful than I even expected.  Here we are fancy.


I hope to go back sometime.  Ballerinas (and what are the male dancers called? I like ballerinos) are such completely amazing humans.  I don’t get it.  It’s amazing.

I Love tempo runs, do you? (Also helps to do them the more I tell myself I love them :))

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