Yay back to Seattle for the weekend!  I love the crisp air and yes, I LOVE the clouds.  I know, it’s not normal.  And actually it’s been sunny most of the time we’ve been here.  I feel ripped off.  Here’s the view from the Link Rail on the way into the city from the airport.


We met up first with some friends from the bay area who moved up here, and then also met up with my best friend who moved in next door to me when we were in 6th grade, and her husband.  (Next door where we grew up equaled through the forest.)  

We had yummy dinner at a brewery that had more than one kind of veggie burger!  Here’s the ladies:


Then we went to a bar that had a separate little bar upstairs called the butterfly bar.  It was so cool.



Thursdays tempo run was fine but not my best showing at all.  And I haven’t run yet here but I’m hoping to do a quick one tomorrow morning!  It’s always hard on vacation to do that.  Happy Saturday!

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