Seattle Wrap-up


Seattle was a wonderful and fantastic experience.  I got to see friends and family and spend a little time back home.

My best friend Pam took to Lola for brunch and we had these:

photo 4-3

They are made to order doughnuts with vanilla mascarpone and strawberry jam, and they are AMAZING.  This is the 2nd Seattle trip in a row we’ve had these and I do believe it is now a tradition.

 We went up to her husband’s office and saw some killer views of Seattle and Puget Sound, sorry my phone case was a little aggressive in the reflections.

photo 2-4

photo 1-4

I also got to see Addie and her adorable little baby Sam.  We are waving at you!

photo 5

This is the kind of incredible treatment extended by Jonathon and Margot that we were staying with.  They have an awesome Nespresso machine and served it up with chocolate, so delicious and generous!

photo 3-2

Then on Sunday we went to my parent’s house and they made us dinner and got me my favorite Dairy Queen ice-cream cake!! It is absolutely the best thing in the entire world.

photo 1-5

Also still haven’t gone on the ferris wheel in Seattle but it is so pretty and it is majorly on the to-do list for the next trip.

photo 2-5

We got back tonight and I ran an easy 7 miles, with a few little side ache moments that I grudgingly got through.  Then I made this, risotto with some veggies, and a little curry and parmesan and it was perfect.  Also a little side of garlic sautéed spinach 🙂

photo 3-3

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