Track Day


 I saw this online and it made me happy.  If ever discouraged it’s good to remember just getting out there is the most important thing and often leads to a great run and a better day after!


Today I did a track workout.  I do have a goal to speed up a bit so I feel I have to.  I go back and forth about if I like these, and today I did.  I did a warm-up, then 5×800 meter repeats around 6:45 pace, then a cool down and some stretching.

Stretching is one of my goals for the year as I am not great at keeping up with it!  And today the run felt absolutely wonderful.  I used my Brooks Pure Connect for the track work out.  They’re a little lighter and a good fit for the track.

I also worked on this today, I am really seriously into succulents lately, clearly.


This is what I ate for breakfast and eat some version of almost every single day of my life.

I’m completely obsessed.

It’s yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, a banana, honey, and granola.  I also often add grape nuts, and vary the fruit.  The yogurt doesn’t change much, always some kind of organic low fat variety of regular or Greek yogurt.  It looks ridiculous but it is seriously sooooo good!


What did you do for your workout today?

Do you like track/speed work outs?

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