Running Wild


Yay!  It’s my birthday on Monday and I got a pretty stinkin cute running package in the mail from my parents.

How cute is the running wild shirt? I love it.  Also it’s all from Old Navy, which I have to admit surprises me a bit because it all fits well, is super cute, and inexpensive.  Major score.

Now I will be awfully put together for my birthday run 🙂

photo 1-7

I went on a 5 mile run this evening at an easy pace.  I had it in my head that I would do a tempo run, but it just didn’t feel right once I got out there. I think it’s ok to listen to my body even if it means not always following my training plan exactly.

When I got back I decided I also needed to listen to my body and have my favorite dinner that I eat at least once a week.  A burrito bowl from Whole Foods!! They are the best thing ever.  They always start out looking so nice and put together like this:

photo 2-7

But then I go ahead and mess them up and eat them with chips kinda like a huge dip.  It’s ridiculous and probably pretty unhealthy once all the chips get involved but I just simply do not care!

photo 3-4

Do you always follow your training run exactly? Even when you aren’t feeling the exact design?

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