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Track Day


It was Track Day!  Lucky for me the weather was much better today so I didn’t have to brave the storm to get it done.  I did 2 miles to warm up, 4 x 1600 at around a 7:30 mile pace, and a mile cool down for a total of 7 miles and it felt a little difficult but great.track-running-lanesI am still using my Pure Connect 1st editions from time to time because I love how bright they are!  They are light weight so they’re great for track workouts.

photo 1-12

Now this may seem a bit odd, but yes that’s a rolling pin with plastic wrap on it.  I have decided that it is the most amazing way to roll out my calves which have been a bit tight lately.  It is seriously amazing.  I can get similar results with my foam roller but I am serious this is better.  photo 2-12It looks like Tahoe finally has snow so the plan is to go up there for the weekend!! First time I’ll have seen snow all winter.  The hot chocolate is  calling my name!

Grrr Weather.


I really meant to go to the track and do a speed workout.  I really did!  But then the weather was this:

photo 1-11

And I didn’t go.

Lame.  Instead I had a little date with some lunges and squats and I may even do a little foam rolling.  I will also do a teensy bit harder workout tomorrow.

Later some friends and I gathered around and watched The Bachelor.  There.  I said it.  I watched it.  It really is a horrible show.  And we’re all planning to get together again next week and watch again.  Ha.

photo 2-11

Tomorrow’s workout:  2 mile warm up, 4 x 1600 around 7:30, 1 mile cool down.  Regardless of the weather!

Purple and Hot Pink!



Woo Hoo!!  These bad boys came in the mail yesterday and I got to give them a nice first run today.

photo 1-8

They were completely glorious. They are Brooks Pure Flow 2, I have these also in a bright pink/red color, but they had a bit of a run in with a fireplace last weekend when I left them there to dry after a rainy run.  The heels are a bit melted and they feel funny.  So I found these on REI’s outlet site for a great deal and I love them.

I ran 7 miles this evening and was really determined to take it slow and lower my average pace.  I have had a hard time varying my speeds and not pushing it a bit, so it felt a little odd, and in the end it really wasn’t that much slower than my normal pace.  I ran an average of 8:49.

When I got back, I made curry from scratch which took way longer than I expected and I was starving by the time it was ready!  Luckily my friend stopped by and chatted while I cooked which helped me to not eat the entire bag of chocolate fig granola I was snacking on while I cooked.  Here’s a fun little pic stitch of the curry making process and rice. photo 3-6

I made “lava” rice which is a combo of brown rice and some sort of red rice and it’s really good.

After I got dressed for my run I realized I had subconsciously, or something, dressed completely color coordinated!  That is very unusual so it needed to be documented.  I had purple shoes over hot pink socks, and a purple long sleeve over a hot pink tank top with of course the hot pink accent on the capris.  This will likely never happen again.

photo 2-8

It was really windy and a little stormy outside and it took all my effort to be excited to go get the run done.  I also read a bunch of other people’s running blogs and you all are full of inspiration and good vibes that in fact got me out the door.  So thanks to everyone who has such great positivity and shares it!

10 Wonderful Miles


Well today was this:

photo 2-7

Kind of day here in lovely NorCal and I had a long run to get in so it was quite ideal.

I hit the road and got in 10 wonderful and fairly easy feeling miles which is exactly what I needed.  I averaged right around 8:30 overall which has become my calm and easy pace after a lot of work.  So I can’t wait for that number to keep moving down!

Along the run I tried another Honey Stinger Gel.  I already loved the Ginsting type, but with a late afternoon run I didn’t want the caffeine so I tried the Gold version.  It. Is. So. Good.  It’s just ridiculous.  How did I not know about these for so long?? I had no side aches or issues of any sort and felt great on the run.

photo 1-7

During the run I started salivating thinking about chili so the moment I got home I made this:photo 3-5With a ton of melted sharp cheddar cheese.  I can’t believe they sell this chili at Costco.  It’s so awesome.

Lately I’ve been on a quest to see what other treasures are sold at Costco.

Any Costco tips?

Back in the Swing of Things and Randomness


I was off my blogging routine there for a bit.  I went home to my parents house in the forest and the rain and was working on a project with my mom and it just threw me off!  I did a lot of good eating with the fam though.  Here’s my brother and I as we gave up waiting for my mom to figure out how to use the camera…. haha I guess we do have something in common!

photo 4-4

And the obligatory ferry ride over picture:

photo 3-4

I only ran once for 4 miles while I was there as well, so…. that wasn’t too hot.  The day after I got back I ran 8 miles with a vengeance.  Also, super fun side note, I actually “ran” into my friend on the run who was also out running and we did a couple miles together.  I think we may have to do that on purpose sometime!

I’m super excited to run today because I’m planning on doing a super long run in my new socks that I’m OBSESSED with.  First of all, I have kind of a sock problem.  I love socks.  They have to be wicking and seamless and cute and comfy etc. etc. and when I put these on, I’m not exaggerating, I kind of freaked out, they are like butter.  AMAZING.

photo 2-5

I’m still on a very serious smoothie kick.  Here’s the latest one:

photo 4-3photo 5-2

I really like throwing in chia seeds and almonds.  It is such a complete meal of everything healthy I need for the day, I love it!

Something that always happened to me:  I am excited about a bunch of books that have holds on them at the library, so I reserve them all, then all the holds come through at the same time and I end up with way more books than I can ever possibly read at one time and I am so excited but so sad I will only read 1 or 2 of these before I’ll have to return them!!

photo 1-6Did you know this is at Whole Foods?  Like all the time? Right by where I check out…..I have to walk by it every time….  So far the count is about 20 points cookie bar, 2 points Kari.  It’s a losing battle.

photo 3-3

Last random side note.  This was on the fridge at my parents house.  I love it! I haven’t changed at all.  Actually I have.  In this photo I had an actual hair-do, so I’ve changed a bit… 1-5

Sonoma Weekend


This was such a wonderful weekend.  We spent almost all of it up in Sonoma with the exception of a quick city trip today.  Here’s a quick re-cap!

On Friday I got these:

photo 3-2

Made Surf and Turf for him (and ate a veggie burrito myself) 🙂

photo 1-3

On Saturday I spent most of it like this:

photo 5

In front of this:

photo 4-2

And watched Mary Cain kick some major tooshie, she’s crazy amazing.

photo 1-4

Then I went on a rainy 5 1/2 miler followed by a big feast with all these fun people:

photo 2-4

Then today we got back home, and a bit cleaned up and went for such a great brunch at Nopa in San Francisco for our friends welcome home/belated bday.  I followed that with a 5 mile run, some soup and grilled cheese, and a mini House of Cards Marathon.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

What are you guys training for currently?

Major Yum


Yes, I have in fact lost my mind when it comes to veggie burgers.  I don’t know why I’m so obsessed lately but I am and this is what happened when I decided to make one at home for the first time instead of eating out:

photo 2-2

It was probably the messiest thing I’ve ever eaten.  I cut it in half thinking that would help…. maybe it did but it was still pretty rough.  Here’s all the stuff that went on to that burger!! (of course minus the candle and vase).

photo 1-2

The hamburger buns were brioche which I toasted and melted cheese onto….yummmm.

Oh yeah, I also did some running, not just eating, I ran 5 miles Monday and 5 miles Tuesday, then I did 7 miles today with some “pickups” where I would just speed up a bit, slow down a bit on and off every 30 seconds or so.  My averages were fairly normal for me but it’s a little different workout which is always nice.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.12.03 AM

Well, I still have some Olympics recorded that need my attention before I go to bed!

Anyone else Olympics obsessed like me?

The Long Run


So I managed to convince myself last night that the storm and my tiredness were excellent reasons not to go out and run and instead eat a lot of food and watch tv the whole night.  Then I got out the book I’m currently reading and read a bit…..


Has anyone read this?? Matt Long is a completely amazing human being and makes me want to try harder at everything.  My reasons suddenly seemed like the most ridiculous and pathetic excuses!  So I had to run today even though the storm raged on.  It was crazy windy and rainy the entire day, still is.  Once I got out there, and caught my hat from flying off my head a few times, it felt great and exhilarating and I ran 6 miles.  And of course I couldn’t leave home without my iPod so it needed a little help:

photo 1

After I braved the elements I had quite a craving for The Counter.  I have a serious love of veggie burgers and I think The Counter’s version is my favorite.  Plus you get to fill out a little check list with the exact ingredients you want which is really fun for those who are controlling about their food like me.  I have been meaning to try in on a bed of lettuce instead of in a bun so I did it today, and while it was good, I have officially decided I’m a bun girl.  But that didn’t stop me from mixing it up like crazy! Here’s the before and after 🙂

                        photo 2photo 3

That didn’t quite do it for me (I’m telling you I needed the bun) so I made a smoothie because that’s my current obsession.  This one had spinach, strawberries, mango, banana, almonds, and almond milk and was De-Lish!

photo 4

Anyone else brave the storm?

Rain Day!




Yes it’s actually raining here in the bay area!  I am quite excited about it.  I know I’m one of the few that takes the opportunity to head outside when it’s raining, I blame the Seattle-ite in me.  Just to show how fun it is I wore my Run Happy visor to keep the rain out of my eyes!

photo 1-12

During the run it was so incredibly beautiful out.  There was a section where the sun was pouring through a hole in the clouds, and the best part was the part of the bay where I run was full of sea lions splashing around and barking.  It was so cool!  I didn’t run with my phone, I normally don’t and especially not with it raining so I don’t have a picture, but I caught a pic a bit later in the car!

photo 2-12

Isn’t that cool?  I love a good storm.

Anyone else love running in the rain?


Yoga Instead


Yay the March Runner’s World is out! That means it’s almost spring right?

Well even here is Nor Cal it has finally shown a sign of winter with some much needed rain, but then again maybe it’s just spring showers!

Anyways, I am loving this issue because they have 2 very important topics for me, one is an article all about side aches! I am reading these very closely:

photo 3-7

And the other is an article all about how coffee is actually kinda good for you! Hooray! Although it references a few times how you have to have 3 or 4 cups a day for the effects….. even I don’t drink that much.  But it is still a good start for me to justify my continued coffee drinking :).

photo 2-11

I decided today to skip my scheduled run and go to yoga.  I was feeling a little sore and a few muscles were a little tight and yoga was just the thing I needed.  Back to runs tomorrow!

After I made a sauce from scratch that I make now and then, and I totally meant to take a picture of the process but was hungry and forgot.  So I’ll explain and show the finished product, although I just don’t think it will have quite the same effect!

I make “pesto” that sort of tastes like pesto but is really just vegetables and really healthy.  So I use a bunch of tomatoes.  In this case like 8 or 9 of these:

photo 4-5

And a bunch of spinach, almonds, garlic, basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, and a little parmesan and throw it in a blender.  If you add plenty of basil and garlic it really will taste like pesto! Plus the spinach makes it green and once blended, it really just looks like pesto, here’s my proof!

photo 5-3

I cook it on low for 10-15 to get the flavors from the garlic, etc. out and then add it to pasta!  It’s totally healthy, tastes super scrumptious and hit the spot tonight.

Anyone else have a go to cure for a day that you’re just too sore/tired/tight to do your run?