Birthday Weekend and the Seahawks!


My birthday was today but we celebrated over the weekend, and of course there was the Superbowl!!! So I didn’t get any running or much healthy eating done the entire weekend.  It was a bit of a bust in that respect, but amazing in the fun column!

On Saturday night we went bowling and out for dinner and my friend Alison put together this cute photo montage:


Sunday we watched the Superbowl at our friends’ adorable apartment and even though everyone else rooted for the Broncos I had  a BLAST cheering for the Seahawks! And they even made football shaped rice crispy treats which were delicious.

Today my boyfriend sent me out for a 2 hour massage first thing which was probably the best way I’ve ever started a Monday, it was fantastic.  Later, I went on a quick 3 mile run just because I really needed to get a little run in.  Then I had to get back to go on a beautiful hike while it was still light out.


It was pretty cold out, although I realize that sounds completely ridiculous to most people with the current temperatures that have been happening pretty much everywhere but California.


Then I had a nice mellow dinner tonight at a funky place called Avatar’s that is a completely amazing Indian/Mexican fusion hole in the wall that I LOVE.  I had pumpkin enchiladas that have curry and interesting flavors mixed in, so good, there is no possible way to explain it, you just have to try it.

Then my favorite ice-cream at home for dessert!


Anyone else cheering for the Seahawks?

Or perhaps have a more successful running weekend?

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