Sonoma Weekend


This was such a wonderful weekend.  We spent almost all of it up in Sonoma with the exception of a quick city trip today.  Here’s a quick re-cap!

On Friday I got these:

photo 3-2

Made Surf and Turf for him (and ate a veggie burrito myself) 🙂

photo 1-3

On Saturday I spent most of it like this:

photo 5

In front of this:

photo 4-2

And watched Mary Cain kick some major tooshie, she’s crazy amazing.

photo 1-4

Then I went on a rainy 5 1/2 miler followed by a big feast with all these fun people:

photo 2-4

Then today we got back home, and a bit cleaned up and went for such a great brunch at Nopa in San Francisco for our friends welcome home/belated bday.  I followed that with a 5 mile run, some soup and grilled cheese, and a mini House of Cards Marathon.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well!

What are you guys training for currently?

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