Back in the Swing of Things and Randomness


I was off my blogging routine there for a bit.  I went home to my parents house in the forest and the rain and was working on a project with my mom and it just threw me off!  I did a lot of good eating with the fam though.  Here’s my brother and I as we gave up waiting for my mom to figure out how to use the camera…. haha I guess we do have something in common!

photo 4-4

And the obligatory ferry ride over picture:

photo 3-4

I only ran once for 4 miles while I was there as well, so…. that wasn’t too hot.  The day after I got back I ran 8 miles with a vengeance.  Also, super fun side note, I actually “ran” into my friend on the run who was also out running and we did a couple miles together.  I think we may have to do that on purpose sometime!

I’m super excited to run today because I’m planning on doing a super long run in my new socks that I’m OBSESSED with.  First of all, I have kind of a sock problem.  I love socks.  They have to be wicking and seamless and cute and comfy etc. etc. and when I put these on, I’m not exaggerating, I kind of freaked out, they are like butter.  AMAZING.

photo 2-5

I’m still on a very serious smoothie kick.  Here’s the latest one:

photo 4-3photo 5-2

I really like throwing in chia seeds and almonds.  It is such a complete meal of everything healthy I need for the day, I love it!

Something that always happened to me:  I am excited about a bunch of books that have holds on them at the library, so I reserve them all, then all the holds come through at the same time and I end up with way more books than I can ever possibly read at one time and I am so excited but so sad I will only read 1 or 2 of these before I’ll have to return them!!

photo 1-6Did you know this is at Whole Foods?  Like all the time? Right by where I check out…..I have to walk by it every time….  So far the count is about 20 points cookie bar, 2 points Kari.  It’s a losing battle.

photo 3-3

Last random side note.  This was on the fridge at my parents house.  I love it! I haven’t changed at all.  Actually I have.  In this photo I had an actual hair-do, so I’ve changed a bit… 1-5

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