10 Wonderful Miles


Well today was this:

photo 2-7

Kind of day here in lovely NorCal and I had a long run to get in so it was quite ideal.

I hit the road and got in 10 wonderful and fairly easy feeling miles which is exactly what I needed.  I averaged right around 8:30 overall which has become my calm and easy pace after a lot of work.  So I can’t wait for that number to keep moving down!

Along the run I tried another Honey Stinger Gel.  I already loved the Ginsting type, but with a late afternoon run I didn’t want the caffeine so I tried the Gold version.  It. Is. So. Good.  It’s just ridiculous.  How did I not know about these for so long?? I had no side aches or issues of any sort and felt great on the run.

photo 1-7

During the run I started salivating thinking about chili so the moment I got home I made this:photo 3-5With a ton of melted sharp cheddar cheese.  I can’t believe they sell this chili at Costco.  It’s so awesome.

Lately I’ve been on a quest to see what other treasures are sold at Costco.

Any Costco tips?

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