Track Day


It was Track Day!  Lucky for me the weather was much better today so I didn’t have to brave the storm to get it done.  I did 2 miles to warm up, 4 x 1600 at around a 7:30 mile pace, and a mile cool down for a total of 7 miles and it felt a little difficult but great.track-running-lanesI am still using my Pure Connect 1st editions from time to time because I love how bright they are!  They are light weight so they’re great for track workouts.

photo 1-12

Now this may seem a bit odd, but yes that’s a rolling pin with plastic wrap on it.  I have decided that it is the most amazing way to roll out my calves which have been a bit tight lately.  It is seriously amazing.  I can get similar results with my foam roller but I am serious this is better.  photo 2-12It looks like Tahoe finally has snow so the plan is to go up there for the weekend!! First time I’ll have seen snow all winter.  The hot chocolate is  calling my name!

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