Tahoe Time!


Tahoe Time!  It is so glorious up here in Tahoe.  There’s finally snow on the ground but it’s not too cold either.  Perfect combo! I ran yesterday to the base of the lifts as seen in the pic below!photo 4The run was rad.  I ran about 6 miles of a chilly hilly route with a little altitude to make it feel like quite a tough effort! photo 3

Here’s the view from the house we’re staying in.  It’s a good friend of ours and we always have a total blast with the group that comes up.

We all gathered together (10 of us) to make big feasts on Friday and Saturday night and it was extremely fun.  Last night, my contribution was fondue made with white wine, swiss cheese, garlic, pepper, nutmeg, and lemon.  The dippers were 2 kinds of bread, apples, carrots, and broccoli.  It was the perfect Tahoe dinner.

I saw this quote from Dean Karnazes on Runner’s World and loved it so I wanted to share!

photo 2

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