Festa Della Donna


I ran pretty hard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I was feeling it a bit, so I decided to give myself Friday and Saturday off.  It was exactly what I needed and I did some fun stuff during the little break!

On Friday night I got take-out from a place called Boo Koo that has Asian street food.  It’s one of my favorite spots and I think they have the absolute best Pad Thai, as seen below:

photo 1-5

Yum.  I could eat that again right now.

On Saturday we went on a hike to Alpine Lake which also has a very impressive dam.  It’s nice to see it flowing strong after all the rain we’ve had!

photo 2-4

On the way back from the hike, something caught our eye and we had to pull over to see what it was.  It was in fact a guy getting ready to paraglide off the side of the mountain.  He just jumped off!  It seemed to make no sense how he would do this but he literally just took a few steps and he was off the ground and away heading down toward Stinson Beach.  It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  Talk about right place at the right time.

Here he is getting ready and then one in the air.

photo 1-6

photo 3.PNG

On Saturday we met up with some friends for dinner at an amazing restaurant called A16. They’re really well known for their Burrata and we didn’t want to let them down so we had to start with an order.photo 4-4

Also it turns out it was Festa Della Donna on Saturday which basically means Women’s Day.  We didn’t know until they told us at the restaurant why their wine list was specializing in women of wine.  After finding this out, I made sure to celebrate the day by kicking major tush at bowling and beating the boys at the last second for the win!!

I was “Wale”… it’s a long story

photo 5

Also you’ll notice after the strike when I realized I might win, I hit a gutter ball.  I got nervous.

I finished the weekend strong with an 8.5 mile run and some hearty pasta for dinner.  Looking forward to a productive week!

Anyone else know it was Women’s Day?

Have an especially good or bad weekend?

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