Hill Repeats and Pi Day Rules


I took another rest day yesterday since I just haven’t had a strong week.  The “rest” evening ended up being so nice.  We found a new spot that looked right over the water and looked like this:

photo 1-8

So as I said, I’ve just had not a great running week.  Each run I’ve felt kind of weak and slow and just not up to my expectations.  I felt so off tonight that I ran 5 miles, went home and had a 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then went out and did some hill repeats.   I seriously needed that sandwich in between.  So I’ve got to figure out what’s going on and take care of it this week!  I want to be back to normal next week.

For Hill repeats, I did 10 times up this hill at a very fast pace, then walked down it, and started back up as soon as I got to the bottom.  It totaled out to another 2 miles.

photo 5-3

While I was up there I found quite a nice view over to SF and the Bay Bridge.  I love the dark outlines of the land and the lights!photo-5

This is still my favorite running shirt.  Major birthday score 🙂photo 4-6

FINALLY! The Marin Headlands makes the Rave Run location in Runner’s World.  I have been waiting for this moment, since I knew it would have to happen eventually.  Marin is seriously one of the best places to run and has so many different options for where to go.photo 2-6

Also it was Pi Day!!! I made an apple pie.  I had to!  It’s the rules of Pi Day.

How do you fix it when you’re having an off running week?

Where’s your personal favorite destination for a Rave Run?

Did you enjoy some pie today?

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