Best Spot to Eat a Burrito


Now THAT is lunch with a view!  I think burritos are even better when eaten in a new and beautiful place.

photo 3-8

Adrian and I went hiking to Kent Lake today and brought burritos, cookies, and chocolate milk.  Into the top ten places I’ve eaten a burrito obviously.    

We started at Alpine Dam, as seen in my lovely panorama (love those) below, and hiked almost 5 miles to Kent Lake and back, for a total of almost 10 miles.

photo 1-9

The river runs next to the trail the whole time, so you’re always hearing running water which is nice.  There’s also a lot of spots that water comes down off the mountain in little waterfalls and streams.

Here’s a couple more views of the lake.

photo 5-4photo 2-7


We were happy about it.
photo 4-7

Saturday was spent mostly like this:

photo 2-8

And also a trip to the car wash! I love the car wash.  

photo 1-10


Then I went into the city and met up with a couple friends for a chat sesh and some guac, chips, and tacos.  

It was such a good weekend, but tomorrow has a long run with my name on it.  So off to bed!

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