Running Offenses


I saw this in Runner’s World and thought it was SO funny.  I am guilty of actually every single one of these, although I really do make an effort to not run obliviously.  Especially funny about having seen it in a running magazine when that is an offense!photo 3-7I think I am the worst about wearing running gear in social situations.  I have been on a mission for most of my life to find ways to wear athletic clothes in a way that is socially acceptable.  I mean it’s serious.  I even have levels of sweatpants, my at home only really comfy (really ugly) ones, all the way up to the expensive lulu’s.  When I wear jeans I like to call them my grown up pants.  So anyways, I am a major offender, and with no guilt about my offenses!!

My leg is still hurting today so I decided to play it safe and not run at all.  I really, really (reeeeaaalllly), don’t want a serious injury so I will absolutely not run until it feels better.  Instead I did yoga and some more core work on NTC.  Also, doing the core workout yesterday was such a crazy eye opener because I am super sore today.  I actually can’t believe how sore I am.  So no wonder my leg is hurting!!  I am apparently completely lacking in core muscle.  I can’t believe I let it get so bad!  I have a new plan that involves core 4-5 days a week.  I think I have to.

Do you do consistent core work?

Anything in particular that works well for you?

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  1. I don’t wear the t-shirt from my races to any social events, however, my sneakers come with me everywhere, including my office. And my sneakers are usually bright green, yellow, even purple.
    I try to do at least 150 sit ups daily, I said try, but sometimes I forget about it.

  2. I use my race shirts as work-around-the-house shirts. The only two that I wear out in public and that I take good care of are my Tough Mudder Finisher shirts. If my race shirts are technical, I save those for training runs or bike rides. I had an internal battle for a long time as to whether I should put the stickers on the jeep or not. I finally relented. I am waaaay more proud of my 13.1 sticker because it was my first “big” race, was very emotional due to some family issues, and I felt way more proud and accomplished than I did at my first marathon. So I am guilty of all of the above except for the social situations one. I don’t really post anything on twitter or facebook unless it is in my specific running or triathlon groups. I use those as a way of holding myself accountable. p.s. I saw this article this month too in Runner’s World. 🙂

    • I like the idea of the finisher shirts for work around the house!! A chance to wear them when you may want the light-weight/wicking or something that can handle a few rips or stains. I may take on this plan!

  3. I’d been terrible about doing core work until recently. I started doing TRX–such a great workout–after the start of the year. I love it and think it’s already making a difference with my running.

      • Nope, it’s totally different. Hard to describe, but it’s “suspension training” utilizing straps. You use your own body weight through the exercises, which are great for strengthening your core, legs, arm, back, etc. You can make the workout as difficult or as easy as you want, and it’s non-impact. I love it!

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