Morning Runners. Teach Me Your Ways!


Very Excited about my new warm weather/bright running gear!  I bought a few of that tank top.  It comes in lots of cute colors,is SUPER light weight, and has a built-in bra.  Downside, my clip-on iPod didn’t like that size strap as the only option very much, but we made 2-2

Yesterday was my first longish run since the hamstring has been acting up and I am so happy that it went well!!  I ran 8.5 miles, took it easy on pace, but had no pain! Hooray!

Here’s what I used to get me through it in the morning:

photo 1-2

So I have always always alllllways wanted to be one of those people that’s like “oh I got up at 5 and ran 12 miles, no big deal”.  But  I’m not.  My idea of an early run is before the sun goes down, not before it gets up.  But I’m on a mission to become one of those people.  I set out my clothes the night before.  I planned my breakfast.  I set my alarm (for 7, not 5).  Then I got up at 8…. hour late, whoops.  Then I ate/drank my breakfast.  Had to let it digest obviously….  Left at 10:30.  WHY, why, can’t I be one of those people!?

Then I thought, ok, get up early tomorrow and do the same, and it will feel easier.  But, I had a birthday party to go to at a concert and it didn’t end until midnight.  So much for that.  The band was awesome though!  It was an all female Led Zeppelin cover band name Zepparella.  Pretty fun.

photo 3-2

How do you crazy morning people do it????

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  1. im the same i find it soso tough, im trying reay hard at the minute, 8am is fine for me but 6 is just a killer! Ill get there thou! early bed time will help!

  2. To be honest, something inside me dies every time I wake up at 5:30 for a long workout during the week. But then, when I to think that it’s either before the sun comes up or after work, the former always wins. After work I’m always too hungry and I cannot focus when I’m hungry.
    This morning I was still sleepy and ended up repeating yesterday’s workout, which seemed weird but I didn’t questioned my sleepy brain.

  3. I’m still stumped by those early morning runners! If I am lucky, I am on my weekend run by 9AM, usually 10AM. I try so hard too, get everything ready, but I do enjoy weekend sleep… This is partly why I work out at night during the week. If you figure it out, do share!

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