Mother’s Day Surprise


Ah yes.  Ready to take off.  Why are everything bagels so underrated?  I seriously love them.  Especially toasted with cream cheese.

photo 1-20

I  went home for Mother’s day and my bro and I completely shocked my mom to speechlessness (is that a word?).  If you knew my mom, you’d know that was totally impossible and once in a lifetime.

Pretty sweet views leaving the bay.  It seems like they’re impossible to beat, but then again…. the view before landing was pretty amazing as well.

photo 2-19

Speaking of which, here’s the view right before landing.  Not only is it totally gorgeous, but it happened to be of Bainbridge Island and with the ferry that I would be taking to get there after I landed.  A parachute at this point in the flight would’ve saved me a lot of travel time.

photo 3-15

I love going back to Bainbridge.  It is so green and peaceful.

I also really loved this cloud.  How completely perfect!

photo 4-12

So my bro and I showed up unannounced and really got her confused by calling at the same time (from outside) so she had us each on one line and getting her thoroughly flustered before announcing, gosh this is confusing, let’s just talk in person, and then walking in.  Her face was priceless.  I don’t know why no one thought to snag a pic of the moment because I have never seen her so speechless.  It was pretty rad.  Also apparently I now have major brownie points with her friends and their kids are looking pretty sub par.  So that was kinda funny to hear.

More on my new favorite running trail on Bainbridge and some other stuff later!

How was your mother’s day?

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    • Oh that is awesome that they are close! I do admit it’s nice they’re there so I have a good excuse to go back home and stay with them. It would be so weird to visit the area if I didn’t have family there, but I probably would have to because I would miss it too!

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