Island Trail Run


New favorite running trail on Bainbridge Island.  I always loved Battle Point Park, it is a huge park with everything any kid ever wanted.  Playground, pond with ducks, trees, grass, multiple soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis courts, picnic tables, and even a huge telescope up on the hill which is sometimes open to the public, there was also always a trail that ran around the perimeter of the park perfect for biking or running.  Now there’s another super cool aspect.  There is a trail that leads out of it and into the Grand Forest, which was my favorite little trail run/hiking place there.  The Grand Forest was already gorgeous and the new trail is perfection.  It’s called the Forest-to-Sky Trail (Love the name) and this is the start!  photo 2-21

To get to it, you walk through a hardly visible trail in the park (super insider secret) and go through a potion of the fence that’s been removed.

photo 1-22

And now a little journey through the rest.  Some images are blurry.  Still working on slowing down enough to steady the camera.  Runner problems.

photo 3-16

photo 4-13

photo 5-7

photo 1-23

photo 2-22

photo 3-17

Ok the shed thing is really cool but also kinda creepy.

photo 4-14

photo 5-8

I fully intend on running this trail and the park every time I am on Bainbridge, next of which will be in June!  Get ready trail, I am very excited to see you again.

I am wondering now about finding more new trails where I live but that are also safe, used a lot, etc. etc.  Anyone have good trail websites?

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