Summer Running Clothes, What to Wear?





I am very much a running capris person, but I also live in California and I’m horrible at getting up early to run when it’s cool out so I have to go out of my comfort zone and wear shorts to run.

photo 1-13

Shorts always bother me in ways capris don’t.  They ride up, rub on your legs with EVERY step which makes my legs itchy and uncomfortable.  They are just not ideal.  So I decided to try a few different things this summer and review each as I wear them.  To start here’s my line-up of stuff to try:

Let’s start with the dreaded shorts.  I found a few styles on sale on Brooks’ website so I decided to start there.  The first pair are short.  Really short.  There is no chance I will wear these for anything other than a super hot day run.  And even then….. I am going to be thinking about them a lot while I’m wearing them I think.  They are the D’Lite 2.5″ shorts from Brooks.

The middle pair are decently long and that waistband seems to keep them from riding too much.  Also I’m hoping that the seams aren’t too chafey ( I make up words when there is not the proper word already in existence).  They are the D’Lite 4″ shorts from Brooks.

The last pair are spandex (cringe) but I figure if I just tell myself they’re short capris it won’t be too bad.  The reason I want to try them is that I’m hoping they will have the benefits of capris, less moving/chafing, with the benefit of shorts, not so warm.  First I just have to actually wear them for a run then I’ll let you know.  They are the Infiniti 7″ short tight III.

photo 3-20

On to tops.  This is my favorite thing I’ve found so far.  Again by Brooks.  I found the two on the right on a good sale from REI outlet online so you can check that out if you like them.  They are SUPER light weight and the material is weirdly cold.  Almost like it is re-cooling itself.  That is not true of course but I love them.  The only downside is they are slightly see-through, but for those not comfortable in just a sports bra like me, and needs the lightest possible shirt made, this is the one.

photo 1-26

Here you can see the sheerness:

photo 2-25

And one more option.  I hit up Old Navy because they sometimes have some good stuff for good prices and in fact they did!  I think all of these were around $15.

The first is a kind of running singlet, it is super lightweight and loose fitting making it very comfy.  The 2 on the right have built in bras and then are really light and loose as well.  They are also really flattering on and super cute.  The only issue I have with those is that there is only one strap option to clip my IPod onto and it doesn’t like the thickness of them.  Although occasionally adjusting my IPod is a small price to pay for a super cute, super inexpensive, great running shirt.  I just wouldn’t use it for a race.

photo 4-16

That’s the round up of the new stuff to try, I will be back to report how they are!

What do you wear to run in the summer?

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  1. I love Brooks running clothes – although I still haven’t made the leap to the short shorts yet. But I think you’ve convinced me to go check out the REI outlet for some bargains!

    • Yea I just always find myself constantly adjusting shorts as they move around and it drives me crazy! Capris just stay put. And REI outlet can be hit or miss but when you find something you want it is totally awesome! Have fun on the site!

  2. I love my Oiselle Distance Shorts–they’re light and dry quickly, plus they really don’t ride up. For tops, I have a light Lululemon Cool Racerback tank (a one-time product last summer, unfortunately), as well as the Oiselle Scantron Tank (which is really light and doesn’t cling to my tummy).

    • I have one Oiselle tank and love it but I haven’t tried the shorts. If they are light and don’t ride up though they sound like the exact perfect pair that I need! Thank you so much for the tip!

  3. I looove Brooks. But I must be honest, I have never thought very much about what I wear when I run. I just put on whatever I think will be comfortable in the conditions.

    • I feel this is probably a girl issue haha. I feel like guys have it easier because everything is a little bit of a looser fit, etc. But now that I think of it, I don’t know what’s stopping me from wearing some guys running clothes! Maybe more comfy!

  4. Last summer I started running…in Nike dry fit trousers…never again! This year, I have a pair of Nike Tempo shorts (They’re on my last blog post I think!) and I like them! I was never keen on the idea of shorts, or running tights but over the time I’ve become more concerned about the running and keeping cool then what I may look like. Its probably more of a female thing. Hope your outfits work! I need some new tops. The only things I don’t mind shopping for; running gear! 🙂

    • I will have to try those! I want to be able to wear shorts but it’s partly the rubbing on my leg thing that gets me. I get nervous to do a long run because of it. How are those NIke’s in that sense?

      • I think they are okay, mind my long runs are a 10k and weather wise, its warming up but nothing over 22degrees Celsius. They just feel so light and nothing seems to be rubbing. 🙂

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