Slightly Better Than Baby Food?


In my never ending search to find the perfect food that won’t make my stomach hurt, give me side aches, etc.  I recently tried These smooshy power bar fruit thingies.  I first had the blueberry banana version and I felt pretty great on my run shortly after!  So I got some other kinds and felt great again.  Then when REI started their sale last week I went in to grab more and saw these Peter Rabbit Organic smooshies (if Gu can be the name of a sports thing, then I dub these officially smooshies).  I read the ingredients in the Power Bar version and realized they are really just fruit and not organic and the Peter Rabbits were on sale for less so….. why not?

photo 1-27

It was a little embarrassing when the cashier was like “you must have a bunch of kids!” because I was buying literally 25 Peter Rabbit smooshies.  Then I realized they say on the package that they are good for anyone over 6 months old.  Ok so now I’m buying baby food to eat.  But why is that?  They are the same as the Power Bar option, plus, score, organic!  How come I’m an athlete when I buy the Power Bar version and clearly buying for babies with the other?  Branding is the reason.  Branding is so weirdly ingrained in us.

Well bottom line is that I don’t care!! I will from now on be buying organic smooshy baby food because it’s awesome right before a run.  Also it’s kind of delicious.  Babies are smart to eat this food.  Too bad they can’t go on a run after.

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  1. Will have to look into those “smooshies”, I’m always interested in organic!! I’ve had the Power bar, and they’re not bad.

  2. Ha, we feed our kids some of those fruit in a squeezable pouch thingies. I didn’t realize people use them for running until I saw them in a running magazine. haha I have since tried them, and they are good!

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