I’m Kari and this is me:


I love to run!! I also love food (vegetarian food that is), art, being outside, and a whole bunch of other stuff.  What I don’t love are side aches!  But, side aches are the reason that this blog got started.  I started getting more and more side aches, more often and more painful.  In response I started logging, very diligently, everything I ate, every run I did including the pace and the level of side ache pain to try to track down the culprit!

I mean really diligently….

photo 1-2 copy

Food and Running!  What could be better?

I hope you like my blog, but it’s also ok if you don’t!  I hope to learn something about myself, my running, and my health, and maybe be able to help or entertain you along the way.  So this is The Sideache.  A pain in the butt (or really the side) turned into something positive for me and hopefully you!

           photo 1-4photo 2-3

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