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Favorite Thing to Make and 15 Cities Amazing Running Routes


I saw this article and I’m always excited to see the insider locations so I had to look through it.  You can find it at, there’s some other fun stuff there too.  It is really the best because my favorite Marin route AND my favorite Seattle route when I lived there (and when I visit) were both on the list!  So now I know the credibility of runmazingness (new word) I really want to try the ones listed from other cities!  If you’ve been to the other cities let me know.  So the Marin route listed, was of course, The Dipsea!! My favorite, although I don’t really run that one.  The Seattle one was Greenlake, which is a gorgeous loop around a lake there, with a really nice and well maintained paved and dirt (side by side) path, water fountains, cute dogs, etc.  Basically, if you live in Seattle and run or walk, you go to Greenlake.  Literally.  It’s that amazing and popular.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.37.18 PM

I’ve finally been getting back on track with running.  Slowly.  Very.  It’s kind of been sad how slow I am running and has added to my not wanting to go because I know it won’t be a solid run.  But I’m working on it.  I even made a deal with a friend to meet next Sunday for a 9 mile run.  That will be the longest I’ve run in about 2 months so it’s good that we’re meeting so I have to do it.

On a totally different note, or maybe not hmmmm…. I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and new stuff.  Ill eventually put some more stuff on here, but for now, here’s my new fave.

It’s kind of like apple crumble but way healthier.  First I threw some almonds and sunflower seeds in the magic bullet for a few seconds to chop them up, then I cut up a few dates (in retrospect I should’ve thrown them in as well, next time I will).

photo 2

Then I mixed that combo with plain quick oats and a little bit of maple syrup.

photo 3

Then of course the delicious Fuji apples.

photo 4

Then I mixed everything together and added some lemon and cinnamon.  I like it better mixed in then set on top like the traditional style but that is of course an option.  I cooked it for only about 15 minutes at around 300, I just wanted to get it to soften up a bit without cooking out all the nutrients.  It was so so SO good.  So good that I have since finished it and made another batch (and finished it).

photo 5

How’s your summer running going?

It is Really Hard to Run Every Day


So I made a goal for myself to run everyday.  Nothing crazy, just a mile on the days I really don’t want to go.  Well I admit, I totally failed at the goal.  I have read about a lot of people who have done this and I always thought it wouldn’t be that hard.  So now I have to admit that it really is.  I am going to try again.  This time I am going to change it, make it a bit shorter so in the end is easier to see, and go for a full week, all 7 days, then go from there.

Instead of running like I was supposed to, I have made some de-lish food and went on my favorite hike with some good friends, so let’s focus on that.

Yesterday, 5 of us set out to do the Dipsea, specifically the Double Dipsea.  It goes from Mill Valley to Stinson Beach, then back again, and to do so you have to go up and over a little mountain, twice.  It’s a total of 15 miles, It was hard and we are all sore today, but here’s some of the highlights.

The awesome group!

photo 4-22

We have fun no matter what we’re doing 🙂

photo 3-28

A view on the way out, lots of fog still over the Pacific.

photo 1-35

The view as we head down to Stinson Beach.

photo 3-27

Looking back up the stairs once we were all done!

photo 4-21

My favorite shot.  We called it the “roadkill” shot.  This photo was inspired by…. the exact way we all felt at the end!  It actually felt really great to lay down.  Even on the road.

photo 5-10

This is my favorite hike ever, but it really is a tough one.  I’m afraid my friends will be hesitant next time I ask them to go on a hike.

4th of July, New Running Goals, and Yum


Life has been total chaos lately and I really saw how bad when I looked at 2 things:  How long since I’ve written a blog post and my running log in which there are multiple ENTIRE weeks with ZERO runs.  That has literally not happened for 3 years.  That was a big moment of clarity to get things back on track.  It’s taken a few days to organize, but I feel like I’m about there.  To help keep it up, I am going to try something I’ve seen a lot of others do when they need to get back into running shape, which is to make sure to run every day for a month, even just a mile, but get out there.  I am thinking 5 days a week makes more sense, but if I do that, there are days I won’t have to go and I’m afraid that will throw me right back into excuses and business and not running.  It starts today.  I’m heading out for a few miles as soon as I finish writing.  So I’m getting back on track, and maybe an actual track now and then.

To cap off my last days of craziness, was 4th of July weekend.  It was so incredibly fun.  We had friends with a house up in Tahoe and spent the entire weekend there, a group of 8, and had a complete blast.  4th of July?  Nailed it.

photo 2-31

photo 3-26

I am so obsessed with large bowls of lots of food mixed together.  Usually this translates into some kind of crazy pasta dish, or most likely a burrito bowl.  But I had a bunch of random stuff in my fridge yesterday and decided to create something new.  So I basically made a kind of Asian noodle salad bowl…. thing….  I started with cabbage, carrots, and cashews and sautéed them a bit in a pan with a little soy and hoisin sauce, then I threw them in a big bowl with chopped up romaine lettuce, cilantro and rice noodles, and lime squeezed on top.  It was AMAZING.  I am now in love with this and will be making it much more often.

 photo 4-20  photo 5-9

Also, on a very random side note, my friend Alison and I decided to enjoy the nice warm SF summer weather and go on a walk on the waterfront.  Don’t mind the sweatshirts, hood, and beanie.  We’re obviously living up Cali’s warm summer rays.

photo 1-33

How are your summer running goals going?

Slightly Better Than Baby Food?


In my never ending search to find the perfect food that won’t make my stomach hurt, give me side aches, etc.  I recently tried These smooshy power bar fruit thingies.  I first had the blueberry banana version and I felt pretty great on my run shortly after!  So I got some other kinds and felt great again.  Then when REI started their sale last week I went in to grab more and saw these Peter Rabbit Organic smooshies (if Gu can be the name of a sports thing, then I dub these officially smooshies).  I read the ingredients in the Power Bar version and realized they are really just fruit and not organic and the Peter Rabbits were on sale for less so….. why not?

photo 1-27

It was a little embarrassing when the cashier was like “you must have a bunch of kids!” because I was buying literally 25 Peter Rabbit smooshies.  Then I realized they say on the package that they are good for anyone over 6 months old.  Ok so now I’m buying baby food to eat.  But why is that?  They are the same as the Power Bar option, plus, score, organic!  How come I’m an athlete when I buy the Power Bar version and clearly buying for babies with the other?  Branding is the reason.  Branding is so weirdly ingrained in us.

Well bottom line is that I don’t care!! I will from now on be buying organic smooshy baby food because it’s awesome right before a run.  Also it’s kind of delicious.  Babies are smart to eat this food.  Too bad they can’t go on a run after.

Island Trail Run


New favorite running trail on Bainbridge Island.  I always loved Battle Point Park, it is a huge park with everything any kid ever wanted.  Playground, pond with ducks, trees, grass, multiple soccer, baseball, basketball, and tennis courts, picnic tables, and even a huge telescope up on the hill which is sometimes open to the public, there was also always a trail that ran around the perimeter of the park perfect for biking or running.  Now there’s another super cool aspect.  There is a trail that leads out of it and into the Grand Forest, which was my favorite little trail run/hiking place there.  The Grand Forest was already gorgeous and the new trail is perfection.  It’s called the Forest-to-Sky Trail (Love the name) and this is the start!  photo 2-21

To get to it, you walk through a hardly visible trail in the park (super insider secret) and go through a potion of the fence that’s been removed.

photo 1-22

And now a little journey through the rest.  Some images are blurry.  Still working on slowing down enough to steady the camera.  Runner problems.

photo 3-16

photo 4-13

photo 5-7

photo 1-23

photo 2-22

photo 3-17

Ok the shed thing is really cool but also kinda creepy.

photo 4-14

photo 5-8

I fully intend on running this trail and the park every time I am on Bainbridge, next of which will be in June!  Get ready trail, I am very excited to see you again.

I am wondering now about finding more new trails where I live but that are also safe, used a lot, etc. etc.  Anyone have good trail websites?

Today was a Wonderful Day


  I haven’t had a day off in a long time and I really need to have one so here’s a quick recap of the awesome day.  Slept in.  Headed into SF and got some super yummy coffee.

photo 1-17

I was really extra happy about it.

photo 2-16

Then went for a stroll on the beach.

photo 3-13

Put my toes in the chilly water.

photo 2-17

Saw some rad views including a little history (old site of Sutro baths).

photo 3-14

And saw my favorite thing to paint right now, colorful succulents.  This will likely become a painting one day soon.

photo 1-18

All of that was followed by a trip to my all time favorite store ever.  Sports Basement.  It’s the absolute best.  Oh yeah, and I had some Strauss Fro-yo in a cone.  Today really WAS a wonderful day.

Uninvited Trail Guest



The thing about this Brooks pic, is that I wish I could just do exactly that, and sometimes it has felt like I have done that which is awesome.  The last couple of weeks have been hard though, both with work and family stuff going on so keep the sleeping and the dessert and replace the running with working and stress and you’ve got my last 2-3 weeks.  We opened a business we have been working on, there was a close family member who passed away and a quite serious health issue that just got confirmed with a quite close family member (which I’m not quite ready to talk about yet), and then of course also my commercial painting job to keep up with, which I honestly haven’t been able to.  It’s been a lot!


So the few times I’ve made it out for a run have been absolutely wonderful.  Tonight was my first run in a few days and it felt extremely wonderful.  There was one unexpected visitor on the trail though which I’m not too happy about.  My greatest fear in life are snakes.  I don’t want to be anywhere near them ever, at all, no matter what.  I don’t even want to look at them through glass at the zoo.  HATE them.   There is actually a great story my mom tells (who is the same as me and can’t stand them) where she pet a snake at some kind of zoo in front of me to show me it wasn’t scary in hopes that I would’t have the same affliction she has.  Well, it didn’t work, and knowing she feels the same way I do about them, I can’t believe she did that.  I don’t think I could for anyone.

Anyways, this was not a little snake, it was a few feet long, and I don’t know what kind it was and I’m kind of freaking out.  I will probably research it as soon as I’m done writing this.  I have to say, for all of Nor Cal’s amazing attributes, the two almost deal breakers for me are poison oak and poisonous snakes.  Seattle doesn’t have either.  Also, this snake was slithering right along my normal route.  The reason I say a few feet is that I could see upwards of 2 feet and it was still partially covered in the bushes so I don’t actually know where it ended.  I actually cut my run short because I was going to have to run right back by there and it was getting dark and I was kind of freaking out.  I don’t know how I will ever do my normal route again without being nervous in that area!  No joke, this is the path I run on 97% of times that I run.  Also a lot in the dark and almost always alone.

I wish I had a video of how I looked when I spotted it.  I don’t think I’ve ever run so fast!

Anyways, I am working on getting back on track with painting, writing, and running.  I hope everyone is well and enjoying life!