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12 Miler, Time to Rock


I went for a little more tropical smoothie for a little weekend change and I must say it hit the spot!
photo 2-3

I spent a lot of Sunday relaxing in my favorite spot with a few upgrades, the cozy pillows, as well as my water bottle (really always with me) and a good book.  Currently I’m reading The Glass Castle.

photo 1-3It was sort of a long weekend so I just had to have a calm day!  Also I was planning for a very long run this morning so I drank a lot of water and let my legs rest.

Also, the most important part of the night before a long run, is obviously going to a burger place with friends for dinner!  We went to Wheezy’s.  They make kinda smaller burgers, not quite slider small, but almost, so you can order a couple different kinds.  Of course I had 2 burgers and fries, veggie burgers of course.  And the best one they make, I promise, is called the White Trash burger with thousand island, crunchy iceberg lettuce, and american cheese.  It kinda tastes like a Big Mac.  So good.  Then of course we went to Fro Yo.  It was directly next to the restaurant, so I literally had no choice.

This morning I did 12 miles with an average pace of 8:36. YAY!!  I was so worried I wouldn’t be ready for my half marathon in 2 weeks, especially when the hamstring issue happened.  So now I feel so much better and ready to Rock n’ Roll!! ( haha get it? Rock n’ Roll half? yea I know my jokes aren’t good. )  I’m just so happy that I now feel ready.

I finished it off with a really easy yoga sesh tonight to stretch it out, and I’m about to go to bed because I am completely exhausted!

Also thanks for the comments about the morning running!! Glad I’m not alone and that we are not all superhuman morning rockstars, which is what I envision all runners, besides myself, to be.

Anyone else doing the Rock n’ Roll SF?  Other Rock n’ Roll races in different cities?

Hamstring Rest Day



So since I’m still trying to rest up whatever is going on with my hamstring, I ran a really slow 3 miles yesterday.  I mean slow with walk and stretch breaks frequently.  I really just had to get out and get some fresh air so I decided as long as I made it really easy on myself it would be good to warm it up and stretch it out.  Since I knew it would be an easy run, I took my phone and got some lovely sunset pics!

photo 3photo 2photo 1

Today I took an actual, real, full fledged, rest day.  No core, no yoga, no running, nothing.  It was weird.  But I think, finally, my hamstring is getting back.  I almost can’t feel the issue at all anymore.  I am really hoping I won’t feel it even a little tomorrow morning and I can go on a run first thing.

We had a couple friends over tonight and made a taco bar and cookies.  Of course I am always so focused on eating that I never think to take a pic before I’ve started, so please enjoy viewing my partially eaten dinner and the taco bar after 4 people had already attacked it.  This is one of my many goals.  Slow down, enjoy the food for a SECOND before chowing down.  Lofty goal for me obviously.

So we made beans, brown rice with southwest taco seasoning (basically makes Spanish rice), cheese, sautéed bell peppers and onions, pico de gallo, salsa, lettuce, cilantro, hot sauce, and for the meat eaters, chicken and ground beef.  It was so amazing.  I started with 2, and then had a third 🙂photo 5photo 4

Hoping to get to sleep somewhat early to get going on a run tomorrow morning!  Isn’t that a “you know you’re a runner when” saying???

Who has awesome runs/races planned for the weekend??

Nike Training Club Muscle Work


Favorite thing I’ve seen in a while.  This Waldo makes me really happy.  Also I have an urge to go to yoga tomorrow.photo 1-11

So yesterday I did a 7 mile run at a very average pace and was feeling a little better than last week.  I’ve been adding a bit more protein into my diet, sometimes the whole vegetarian thing can be lacking in that category.  While I’m feeling great about eating a ton of fresh and whole foods, I don’t normally count or keep track of exactly what I’m eating, like number of calories, protein etc., and I think maybe I was lacking a bit.  One thing I added back in for the first time in a long time are eggs.  I’ve had this yummy looking egg, cheese, avocado, sprouted wheat bagel the last 2 days as well as my almost daily smoothie for breakfast.

photo 2-9

Yes, that is a large sized mason jar of coffee behind it.  No it wasn’t full originally, that’s the starting level and I added a bunch of milk.  I’m not totally coffee crazed 🙂  Anyways, I think and hope that is what the problem was last week, so I’m trying to keep better track of the exact content I’m eating this week and see how I feel.

Here’s another lovely view of my smoothie obsession.  This was today’s batch:

          photo 4-8photo 3-9

In this batch is:

Strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, almonds, chia seed, and water.  It’s just so completely wonderful.

Today I started a run and am having a bit of pain in the tendon behind my knee connected to my hamstring so I changed things up a bit.  I did a few half mile loops around my house, then called it good for running.  I went inside and did a workout from NTC (Nike Training Club) and it was perfect as well as something I’ve been meaning to add more to my daily routine.  NTC is a free app from Nike that has all different kind of workouts, at different levels, and tells/shows you how to do them.   It is really great.  I am not a member at a gym so I often miss the core building/weight lifting element that I should be incorporating and this is a great way for me to do it.  Core muscle is so super important to help prevent injury and be a better runner.  This pain I’m having was a huge reminder of that.

Have you ever used NTC?

Are there other great apps out there that do a good job?


Best Spot to Eat a Burrito


Now THAT is lunch with a view!  I think burritos are even better when eaten in a new and beautiful place.

photo 3-8

Adrian and I went hiking to Kent Lake today and brought burritos, cookies, and chocolate milk.  Into the top ten places I’ve eaten a burrito obviously.    

We started at Alpine Dam, as seen in my lovely panorama (love those) below, and hiked almost 5 miles to Kent Lake and back, for a total of almost 10 miles.

photo 1-9

The river runs next to the trail the whole time, so you’re always hearing running water which is nice.  There’s also a lot of spots that water comes down off the mountain in little waterfalls and streams.

Here’s a couple more views of the lake.

photo 5-4photo 2-7


We were happy about it.
photo 4-7

Saturday was spent mostly like this:

photo 2-8

And also a trip to the car wash! I love the car wash.  

photo 1-10


Then I went into the city and met up with a couple friends for a chat sesh and some guac, chips, and tacos.  

It was such a good weekend, but tomorrow has a long run with my name on it.  So off to bed!

Hill Repeats and Pi Day Rules


I took another rest day yesterday since I just haven’t had a strong week.  The “rest” evening ended up being so nice.  We found a new spot that looked right over the water and looked like this:

photo 1-8

So as I said, I’ve just had not a great running week.  Each run I’ve felt kind of weak and slow and just not up to my expectations.  I felt so off tonight that I ran 5 miles, went home and had a 1/2 of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then went out and did some hill repeats.   I seriously needed that sandwich in between.  So I’ve got to figure out what’s going on and take care of it this week!  I want to be back to normal next week.

For Hill repeats, I did 10 times up this hill at a very fast pace, then walked down it, and started back up as soon as I got to the bottom.  It totaled out to another 2 miles.

photo 5-3

While I was up there I found quite a nice view over to SF and the Bay Bridge.  I love the dark outlines of the land and the lights!photo-5

This is still my favorite running shirt.  Major birthday score 🙂photo 4-6

FINALLY! The Marin Headlands makes the Rave Run location in Runner’s World.  I have been waiting for this moment, since I knew it would have to happen eventually.  Marin is seriously one of the best places to run and has so many different options for where to go.photo 2-6

Also it was Pi Day!!! I made an apple pie.  I had to!  It’s the rules of Pi Day.

How do you fix it when you’re having an off running week?

Where’s your personal favorite destination for a Rave Run?

Did you enjoy some pie today?

Hide (but Eat!) Your Veggies


Well, I had another somewhat sad showing of a run tonight.  I ran 5 miles but felt super sluggish.  I just swear it is that it was 70+ degrees again that was killing me.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when summer hits for real.

Isn’t it true that I saw some kind of ice-hat type of ingenious thing somewhere?  I swear a guy had one at the Badwater Ultra Marathon in Death Valley.  I like to watch shows about stuff like that 🙂 Maybe I could get crafty and make one.  I think the cold drips would be the best part!

When I got back I decided, as usual, that there’s no better way to get past a bad run and ready for tomorrow like something yummy!  I went to Trader Joe’s today and found a bunch of stuff I hadn’t tried before and decided to throw some of it together somehow to make something delicious.  I went risotto as it is always so good, and somewhat easy to hide vegetables in (ssshhh don’t tell my boyfriend there was kale in his risotto).  So yes, I made risotto that had kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and shaved broccoli stems in it.  It also had Parmesan so I’m not completely killing how risotto should be.  Plus I found a bag of good looking shredded parmesan, so less work for me. Yay!

I put together a little pic of some of my new ingredients, what the risotto looked like cooking, and the finished cheesy product. mmmmm.photo-4

I had a nightcap of Vanilla bean ice-cream with chocolate syrup and milk (I do kind of a make a milkshake in a cup and smash it all up) and it was just perfection.

How do you get all your veggies?

Any recipes that hide them especially well? (and are kinda easy?)

Stretch It Out



Today was a yoga day.  It always feels wonderful to go and I try my best to get there once a week.  I think it really helps balance out the running, and just everything.  It’s so peaceful and strengthening.  I do think you have to really find yoga teachers that you like and are good for you and what you want.  I think that’s the hardest part.

I saw this hat online and have decided I need this for next winter when I end up running in the dark.  It is run specific and is supposed to be amazing.  It’s made by Panther Vision.  I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t attest to its awesomeness….yet.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.13.37 PM

Aaaaand it was a burrito bowl and chips kind of night.  I just don’t think I’ll ever stop being obsessed with this for dinner.  I don’t know what I will do if Whole Foods ever decides to stop having a burrito bar.photo-2