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Stretch It Out



Today was a yoga day.  It always feels wonderful to go and I try my best to get there once a week.  I think it really helps balance out the running, and just everything.  It’s so peaceful and strengthening.  I do think you have to really find yoga teachers that you like and are good for you and what you want.  I think that’s the hardest part.

I saw this hat online and have decided I need this for next winter when I end up running in the dark.  It is run specific and is supposed to be amazing.  It’s made by Panther Vision.  I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t attest to its awesomeness….yet.Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 11.13.37 PM

Aaaaand it was a burrito bowl and chips kind of night.  I just don’t think I’ll ever stop being obsessed with this for dinner.  I don’t know what I will do if Whole Foods ever decides to stop having a burrito bar.photo-2

Festa Della Donna


I ran pretty hard on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and I was feeling it a bit, so I decided to give myself Friday and Saturday off.  It was exactly what I needed and I did some fun stuff during the little break!

On Friday night I got take-out from a place called Boo Koo that has Asian street food.  It’s one of my favorite spots and I think they have the absolute best Pad Thai, as seen below:

photo 1-5

Yum.  I could eat that again right now.

On Saturday we went on a hike to Alpine Lake which also has a very impressive dam.  It’s nice to see it flowing strong after all the rain we’ve had!

photo 2-4

On the way back from the hike, something caught our eye and we had to pull over to see what it was.  It was in fact a guy getting ready to paraglide off the side of the mountain.  He just jumped off!  It seemed to make no sense how he would do this but he literally just took a few steps and he was off the ground and away heading down toward Stinson Beach.  It was one of the coolest things I’ve seen.  Talk about right place at the right time.

Here he is getting ready and then one in the air.

photo 1-6

photo 3.PNG

On Saturday we met up with some friends for dinner at an amazing restaurant called A16. They’re really well known for their Burrata and we didn’t want to let them down so we had to start with an order.photo 4-4

Also it turns out it was Festa Della Donna on Saturday which basically means Women’s Day.  We didn’t know until they told us at the restaurant why their wine list was specializing in women of wine.  After finding this out, I made sure to celebrate the day by kicking major tush at bowling and beating the boys at the last second for the win!!

I was “Wale”… it’s a long story

photo 5

Also you’ll notice after the strike when I realized I might win, I hit a gutter ball.  I got nervous.

I finished the weekend strong with an 8.5 mile run and some hearty pasta for dinner.  Looking forward to a productive week!

Anyone else know it was Women’s Day?

Have an especially good or bad weekend?

0.1 Miles Down!


I went out for an easy 6 mile run today in the nice-again weather!  There were a lot of people out on my normal path today.  A lot.  I must have forgotten what it’s like when the weather’s good!  When It’s rainy I only ever run by about 2 other people the whole time I’m out.  It’s kinda peaceful actually.

photo 3-4

We went out for pizza tonight at a really cute place called Tamalpie.  It’s a play on Mount Tamalpais right up above it.  We each ordered a pizza and shared an order of fries that came with aioli.  You can put aioli on anything and I’m in. It’s one of my favorite things.

I absolutely adore this picture!! I saw it from the Rock ‘n Roll series stuff they put out because I’m running their half in SF next month.  Now that is a runner and a positive person.  It’s joy in the little things and each step of the race!  Also I feel this way sometimes.  Overly excited for the small steps I make on runs.  I think it’s a good thing.
photo 1-3I’ve been getting really serious with the foam roller and rolling pin lately.  Best. Inventions. Ever.  It is the only thing keeping me not so incredibly sore.

What are your running plans for the weekend?

I Love a Snowy Weekend


The rest of the Tahoe trip was just perfect.  It was all about food, sledding, and fun together.

For lunch I made a big ravioli for everyone.  I sautéed bell peppers, then added them to a combo of pesto and tomato sauce and put it, as well as some parmesan on the ravioli.  It was so good.

photo 1-2

We spent the afternoon doing some sledding as seen in the video below:


I didn’t get to do my long run today so I’m planning to do it tomorrow afternoon.

The ride home had some beautiful cloud views!

photo 4-2photo 2

photo 3-2

Purple and Hot Pink!



Woo Hoo!!  These bad boys came in the mail yesterday and I got to give them a nice first run today.

photo 1-8

They were completely glorious. They are Brooks Pure Flow 2, I have these also in a bright pink/red color, but they had a bit of a run in with a fireplace last weekend when I left them there to dry after a rainy run.  The heels are a bit melted and they feel funny.  So I found these on REI’s outlet site for a great deal and I love them.

I ran 7 miles this evening and was really determined to take it slow and lower my average pace.  I have had a hard time varying my speeds and not pushing it a bit, so it felt a little odd, and in the end it really wasn’t that much slower than my normal pace.  I ran an average of 8:49.

When I got back, I made curry from scratch which took way longer than I expected and I was starving by the time it was ready!  Luckily my friend stopped by and chatted while I cooked which helped me to not eat the entire bag of chocolate fig granola I was snacking on while I cooked.  Here’s a fun little pic stitch of the curry making process and rice. photo 3-6

I made “lava” rice which is a combo of brown rice and some sort of red rice and it’s really good.

After I got dressed for my run I realized I had subconsciously, or something, dressed completely color coordinated!  That is very unusual so it needed to be documented.  I had purple shoes over hot pink socks, and a purple long sleeve over a hot pink tank top with of course the hot pink accent on the capris.  This will likely never happen again.

photo 2-8

It was really windy and a little stormy outside and it took all my effort to be excited to go get the run done.  I also read a bunch of other people’s running blogs and you all are full of inspiration and good vibes that in fact got me out the door.  So thanks to everyone who has such great positivity and shares it!

Back in the Swing of Things and Randomness


I was off my blogging routine there for a bit.  I went home to my parents house in the forest and the rain and was working on a project with my mom and it just threw me off!  I did a lot of good eating with the fam though.  Here’s my brother and I as we gave up waiting for my mom to figure out how to use the camera…. haha I guess we do have something in common!

photo 4-4

And the obligatory ferry ride over picture:

photo 3-4

I only ran once for 4 miles while I was there as well, so…. that wasn’t too hot.  The day after I got back I ran 8 miles with a vengeance.  Also, super fun side note, I actually “ran” into my friend on the run who was also out running and we did a couple miles together.  I think we may have to do that on purpose sometime!

I’m super excited to run today because I’m planning on doing a super long run in my new socks that I’m OBSESSED with.  First of all, I have kind of a sock problem.  I love socks.  They have to be wicking and seamless and cute and comfy etc. etc. and when I put these on, I’m not exaggerating, I kind of freaked out, they are like butter.  AMAZING.

photo 2-5

I’m still on a very serious smoothie kick.  Here’s the latest one:

photo 4-3photo 5-2

I really like throwing in chia seeds and almonds.  It is such a complete meal of everything healthy I need for the day, I love it!

Something that always happened to me:  I am excited about a bunch of books that have holds on them at the library, so I reserve them all, then all the holds come through at the same time and I end up with way more books than I can ever possibly read at one time and I am so excited but so sad I will only read 1 or 2 of these before I’ll have to return them!!

photo 1-6Did you know this is at Whole Foods?  Like all the time? Right by where I check out…..I have to walk by it every time….  So far the count is about 20 points cookie bar, 2 points Kari.  It’s a losing battle.

photo 3-3

Last random side note.  This was on the fridge at my parents house.  I love it! I haven’t changed at all.  Actually I have.  In this photo I had an actual hair-do, so I’ve changed a bit…..photo 1-5

Major Yum


Yes, I have in fact lost my mind when it comes to veggie burgers.  I don’t know why I’m so obsessed lately but I am and this is what happened when I decided to make one at home for the first time instead of eating out:

photo 2-2

It was probably the messiest thing I’ve ever eaten.  I cut it in half thinking that would help…. maybe it did but it was still pretty rough.  Here’s all the stuff that went on to that burger!! (of course minus the candle and vase).

photo 1-2

The hamburger buns were brioche which I toasted and melted cheese onto….yummmm.

Oh yeah, I also did some running, not just eating, I ran 5 miles Monday and 5 miles Tuesday, then I did 7 miles today with some “pickups” where I would just speed up a bit, slow down a bit on and off every 30 seconds or so.  My averages were fairly normal for me but it’s a little different workout which is always nice.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 12.12.03 AM

Well, I still have some Olympics recorded that need my attention before I go to bed!

Anyone else Olympics obsessed like me?

The Long Run


So I managed to convince myself last night that the storm and my tiredness were excellent reasons not to go out and run and instead eat a lot of food and watch tv the whole night.  Then I got out the book I’m currently reading and read a bit…..


Has anyone read this?? Matt Long is a completely amazing human being and makes me want to try harder at everything.  My reasons suddenly seemed like the most ridiculous and pathetic excuses!  So I had to run today even though the storm raged on.  It was crazy windy and rainy the entire day, still is.  Once I got out there, and caught my hat from flying off my head a few times, it felt great and exhilarating and I ran 6 miles.  And of course I couldn’t leave home without my iPod so it needed a little help:

photo 1

After I braved the elements I had quite a craving for The Counter.  I have a serious love of veggie burgers and I think The Counter’s version is my favorite.  Plus you get to fill out a little check list with the exact ingredients you want which is really fun for those who are controlling about their food like me.  I have been meaning to try in on a bed of lettuce instead of in a bun so I did it today, and while it was good, I have officially decided I’m a bun girl.  But that didn’t stop me from mixing it up like crazy! Here’s the before and after 🙂

                        photo 2photo 3

That didn’t quite do it for me (I’m telling you I needed the bun) so I made a smoothie because that’s my current obsession.  This one had spinach, strawberries, mango, banana, almonds, and almond milk and was De-Lish!

photo 4

Anyone else brave the storm?