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Hamstring Rest Day



So since I’m still trying to rest up whatever is going on with my hamstring, I ran a really slow 3 miles yesterday.  I mean slow with walk and stretch breaks frequently.  I really just had to get out and get some fresh air so I decided as long as I made it really easy on myself it would be good to warm it up and stretch it out.  Since I knew it would be an easy run, I took my phone and got some lovely sunset pics!

photo 3photo 2photo 1

Today I took an actual, real, full fledged, rest day.  No core, no yoga, no running, nothing.  It was weird.  But I think, finally, my hamstring is getting back.  I almost can’t feel the issue at all anymore.  I am really hoping I won’t feel it even a little tomorrow morning and I can go on a run first thing.

We had a couple friends over tonight and made a taco bar and cookies.  Of course I am always so focused on eating that I never think to take a pic before I’ve started, so please enjoy viewing my partially eaten dinner and the taco bar after 4 people had already attacked it.  This is one of my many goals.  Slow down, enjoy the food for a SECOND before chowing down.  Lofty goal for me obviously.

So we made beans, brown rice with southwest taco seasoning (basically makes Spanish rice), cheese, sautéed bell peppers and onions, pico de gallo, salsa, lettuce, cilantro, hot sauce, and for the meat eaters, chicken and ground beef.  It was so amazing.  I started with 2, and then had a third 🙂photo 5photo 4

Hoping to get to sleep somewhat early to get going on a run tomorrow morning!  Isn’t that a “you know you’re a runner when” saying???

Who has awesome runs/races planned for the weekend??

Fun Run and Time-lapse Painting


I finally got together my painting videos I did as I painted my latest one, and made 3 time-lapse videos showing the process of my painting! I couldn’t figure out how to put the videos here so…. here’s the links!  It’s an oil painting of a succulent (also known as the fancy name for a cactus).  Here’s the finished product before the videos!


Painting Time-lapse 1

Painting Time-lapse 2

Painting Time-lapse 3

Since I missed my tempo run yesterday I felt I should do something speed related so I tried something a bit different.

I just decided to, after about 1 mile to warm up, run fast as much as I could as long as I could and just slow down here and there as needed.  Just sort of a different mindset than a tempo run or strict set run because there is no particular set goal time or speed.

It felt amazing and was one of the best runs, and the best I’ve felt in a long time.  I ran 6 miles averaging 8’04 overall including my warm up, and didn’t even bring my Garmin watch because I just wanted to do it by feel and not cheat by looking at it!

Anyways, I’m happy, it felt great, and I felt great and I am planning to do a run like that more often!

When I got back I decided to make some gluten free pasta I bought because it looked good even though I’m not gluten free, just thought I’d check it out.

photo 1-8

I also got inspired by the veggies in the fridge and decided to make some with no plan and I made way too much but it was pretty yummy!

photo 2-8

Do other people run like that and I’m new to the party?