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Long Run Podcast and Prep


Since I’ve got my long run on my mind, I thought I would talk about what I do to help get me through long runs.  I like to listen to Podcasts because then you get to listen to more like a story or a show while you’re out which can be more entertaining.  There are all types out there, I personally like a few morning shows, which I don’t get to listen to normally, so I subscribe to their podcasts and listen while I run.  They talk about news, and celebrities, nothing too thought provoking, but entertaining while running.  Here’s an example of one that I like a lot, probably my favorite:

photo 5-2

That morning show also does a “secret show” which is a podcast you can subscribe to, but it is for 18 or older and so you can assume the content is different.  It is also entertaining, but isn’t for everyone.

The other thing I really like about my iPod is that it plays the radio!!  That way when I’m sick of my music or don’t feel like a podcast, I can just see what’s on.

photo 4-3

In preparation for this morning’s long run, I made this very simple rice for dinner.  It was good, but the goal for a regular dinner is really to add stuff to it, which I didn’t do.  So it was a little boring but perfect for a pre-long runphoto

It looked like this:

  photo 1-6

 Here’s what I’m having before I head out.

photo 3-3

Are you doing a long run today?  How far?  Have fun!!

Hide (but Eat!) Your Veggies


Well, I had another somewhat sad showing of a run tonight.  I ran 5 miles but felt super sluggish.  I just swear it is that it was 70+ degrees again that was killing me.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when summer hits for real.

Isn’t it true that I saw some kind of ice-hat type of ingenious thing somewhere?  I swear a guy had one at the Badwater Ultra Marathon in Death Valley.  I like to watch shows about stuff like that 🙂 Maybe I could get crafty and make one.  I think the cold drips would be the best part!

When I got back I decided, as usual, that there’s no better way to get past a bad run and ready for tomorrow like something yummy!  I went to Trader Joe’s today and found a bunch of stuff I hadn’t tried before and decided to throw some of it together somehow to make something delicious.  I went risotto as it is always so good, and somewhat easy to hide vegetables in (ssshhh don’t tell my boyfriend there was kale in his risotto).  So yes, I made risotto that had kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, carrots and shaved broccoli stems in it.  It also had Parmesan so I’m not completely killing how risotto should be.  Plus I found a bag of good looking shredded parmesan, so less work for me. Yay!

I put together a little pic of some of my new ingredients, what the risotto looked like cooking, and the finished cheesy product. mmmmm.photo-4

I had a nightcap of Vanilla bean ice-cream with chocolate syrup and milk (I do kind of a make a milkshake in a cup and smash it all up) and it was just perfection.

How do you get all your veggies?

Any recipes that hide them especially well? (and are kinda easy?)

Seattle Wrap-up


Seattle was a wonderful and fantastic experience.  I got to see friends and family and spend a little time back home.

My best friend Pam took to Lola for brunch and we had these:

photo 4-3

They are made to order doughnuts with vanilla mascarpone and strawberry jam, and they are AMAZING.  This is the 2nd Seattle trip in a row we’ve had these and I do believe it is now a tradition.

 We went up to her husband’s office and saw some killer views of Seattle and Puget Sound, sorry my phone case was a little aggressive in the reflections.

photo 2-4

photo 1-4

I also got to see Addie and her adorable little baby Sam.  We are waving at you!

photo 5

This is the kind of incredible treatment extended by Jonathon and Margot that we were staying with.  They have an awesome Nespresso machine and served it up with chocolate, so delicious and generous!

photo 3-2

Then on Sunday we went to my parent’s house and they made us dinner and got me my favorite Dairy Queen ice-cream cake!! It is absolutely the best thing in the entire world.

photo 1-5

Also still haven’t gone on the ferris wheel in Seattle but it is so pretty and it is majorly on the to-do list for the next trip.

photo 2-5

We got back tonight and I ran an easy 7 miles, with a few little side ache moments that I grudgingly got through.  Then I made this, risotto with some veggies, and a little curry and parmesan and it was perfect.  Also a little side of garlic sautéed spinach 🙂

photo 3-3