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Favorite Thing to Make and 15 Cities Amazing Running Routes


I saw this article and I’m always excited to see the insider locations so I had to look through it.  You can find it at http://greatist.com/move, there’s some other fun stuff there too.  It is really the best because my favorite Marin route AND my favorite Seattle route when I lived there (and when I visit) were both on the list!  So now I know the credibility of runmazingness (new word) I really want to try the ones listed from other cities!  If you’ve been to the other cities let me know.  So the Marin route listed, was of course, The Dipsea!! My favorite, although I don’t really run that one.  The Seattle one was Greenlake, which is a gorgeous loop around a lake there, with a really nice and well maintained paved and dirt (side by side) path, water fountains, cute dogs, etc.  Basically, if you live in Seattle and run or walk, you go to Greenlake.  Literally.  It’s that amazing and popular.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.37.18 PM

I’ve finally been getting back on track with running.  Slowly.  Very.  It’s kind of been sad how slow I am running and has added to my not wanting to go because I know it won’t be a solid run.  But I’m working on it.  I even made a deal with a friend to meet next Sunday for a 9 mile run.  That will be the longest I’ve run in about 2 months so it’s good that we’re meeting so I have to do it.

On a totally different note, or maybe not hmmmm…. I’ve been cooking a lot lately, and new stuff.  Ill eventually put some more stuff on here, but for now, here’s my new fave.

It’s kind of like apple crumble but way healthier.  First I threw some almonds and sunflower seeds in the magic bullet for a few seconds to chop them up, then I cut up a few dates (in retrospect I should’ve thrown them in as well, next time I will).

photo 2

Then I mixed that combo with plain quick oats and a little bit of maple syrup.

photo 3

Then of course the delicious Fuji apples.

photo 4

Then I mixed everything together and added some lemon and cinnamon.  I like it better mixed in then set on top like the traditional style but that is of course an option.  I cooked it for only about 15 minutes at around 300, I just wanted to get it to soften up a bit without cooking out all the nutrients.  It was so so SO good.  So good that I have since finished it and made another batch (and finished it).

photo 5

How’s your summer running going?

Mother’s Day Surprise


Ah yes.  Ready to take off.  Why are everything bagels so underrated?  I seriously love them.  Especially toasted with cream cheese.

photo 1-20

I  went home for Mother’s day and my bro and I completely shocked my mom to speechlessness (is that a word?).  If you knew my mom, you’d know that was totally impossible and once in a lifetime.

Pretty sweet views leaving the bay.  It seems like they’re impossible to beat, but then again…. the view before landing was pretty amazing as well.

photo 2-19

Speaking of which, here’s the view right before landing.  Not only is it totally gorgeous, but it happened to be of Bainbridge Island and with the ferry that I would be taking to get there after I landed.  A parachute at this point in the flight would’ve saved me a lot of travel time.

photo 3-15

I love going back to Bainbridge.  It is so green and peaceful.

I also really loved this cloud.  How completely perfect!

photo 4-12

So my bro and I showed up unannounced and really got her confused by calling at the same time (from outside) so she had us each on one line and getting her thoroughly flustered before announcing, gosh this is confusing, let’s just talk in person, and then walking in.  Her face was priceless.  I don’t know why no one thought to snag a pic of the moment because I have never seen her so speechless.  It was pretty rad.  Also apparently I now have major brownie points with her friends and their kids are looking pretty sub par.  So that was kinda funny to hear.

More on my new favorite running trail on Bainbridge and some other stuff later!

How was your mother’s day?

Birthday Weekend and the Seahawks!


My birthday was today but we celebrated over the weekend, and of course there was the Superbowl!!! So I didn’t get any running or much healthy eating done the entire weekend.  It was a bit of a bust in that respect, but amazing in the fun column!

On Saturday night we went bowling and out for dinner and my friend Alison put together this cute photo montage:


Sunday we watched the Superbowl at our friends’ adorable apartment and even though everyone else rooted for the Broncos I had  a BLAST cheering for the Seahawks! And they even made football shaped rice crispy treats which were delicious.

Today my boyfriend sent me out for a 2 hour massage first thing which was probably the best way I’ve ever started a Monday, it was fantastic.  Later, I went on a quick 3 mile run just because I really needed to get a little run in.  Then I had to get back to go on a beautiful hike while it was still light out.


It was pretty cold out, although I realize that sounds completely ridiculous to most people with the current temperatures that have been happening pretty much everywhere but California.


Then I had a nice mellow dinner tonight at a funky place called Avatar’s that is a completely amazing Indian/Mexican fusion hole in the wall that I LOVE.  I had pumpkin enchiladas that have curry and interesting flavors mixed in, so good, there is no possible way to explain it, you just have to try it.

Then my favorite ice-cream at home for dessert!


Anyone else cheering for the Seahawks?

Or perhaps have a more successful running weekend?

Seattle Wrap-up


Seattle was a wonderful and fantastic experience.  I got to see friends and family and spend a little time back home.

My best friend Pam took to Lola for brunch and we had these:

photo 4-3

They are made to order doughnuts with vanilla mascarpone and strawberry jam, and they are AMAZING.  This is the 2nd Seattle trip in a row we’ve had these and I do believe it is now a tradition.

 We went up to her husband’s office and saw some killer views of Seattle and Puget Sound, sorry my phone case was a little aggressive in the reflections.

photo 2-4

photo 1-4

I also got to see Addie and her adorable little baby Sam.  We are waving at you!

photo 5

This is the kind of incredible treatment extended by Jonathon and Margot that we were staying with.  They have an awesome Nespresso machine and served it up with chocolate, so delicious and generous!

photo 3-2

Then on Sunday we went to my parent’s house and they made us dinner and got me my favorite Dairy Queen ice-cream cake!! It is absolutely the best thing in the entire world.

photo 1-5

Also still haven’t gone on the ferris wheel in Seattle but it is so pretty and it is majorly on the to-do list for the next trip.

photo 2-5

We got back tonight and I ran an easy 7 miles, with a few little side ache moments that I grudgingly got through.  Then I made this, risotto with some veggies, and a little curry and parmesan and it was perfect.  Also a little side of garlic sautéed spinach 🙂

photo 3-3