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Slightly Better Than Baby Food?


In my never ending search to find the perfect food that won’t make my stomach hurt, give me side aches, etc.  I recently tried These smooshy power bar fruit thingies.  I first had the blueberry banana version and I felt pretty great on my run shortly after!  So I got some other kinds and felt great again.  Then when REI started their sale last week I went in to grab more and saw these Peter Rabbit Organic smooshies (if Gu can be the name of a sports thing, then I dub these officially smooshies).  I read the ingredients in the Power Bar version and realized they are really just fruit and not organic and the Peter Rabbits were on sale for less so….. why not?

photo 1-27

It was a little embarrassing when the cashier was like “you must have a bunch of kids!” because I was buying literally 25 Peter Rabbit smooshies.  Then I realized they say on the package that they are good for anyone over 6 months old.  Ok so now I’m buying baby food to eat.  But why is that?  They are the same as the Power Bar option, plus, score, organic!  How come I’m an athlete when I buy the Power Bar version and clearly buying for babies with the other?  Branding is the reason.  Branding is so weirdly ingrained in us.

Well bottom line is that I don’t care!! I will from now on be buying organic smooshy baby food because it’s awesome right before a run.  Also it’s kind of delicious.  Babies are smart to eat this food.  Too bad they can’t go on a run after.

12 Miler, Time to Rock


I went for a little more tropical smoothie for a little weekend change and I must say it hit the spot!
photo 2-3

I spent a lot of Sunday relaxing in my favorite spot with a few upgrades, the cozy pillows, as well as my water bottle (really always with me) and a good book.  Currently I’m reading The Glass Castle.

photo 1-3It was sort of a long weekend so I just had to have a calm day!  Also I was planning for a very long run this morning so I drank a lot of water and let my legs rest.

Also, the most important part of the night before a long run, is obviously going to a burger place with friends for dinner!  We went to Wheezy’s.  They make kinda smaller burgers, not quite slider small, but almost, so you can order a couple different kinds.  Of course I had 2 burgers and fries, veggie burgers of course.  And the best one they make, I promise, is called the White Trash burger with thousand island, crunchy iceberg lettuce, and american cheese.  It kinda tastes like a Big Mac.  So good.  Then of course we went to Fro Yo.  It was directly next to the restaurant, so I literally had no choice.

This morning I did 12 miles with an average pace of 8:36. YAY!!  I was so worried I wouldn’t be ready for my half marathon in 2 weeks, especially when the hamstring issue happened.  So now I feel so much better and ready to Rock n’ Roll!! ( haha get it? Rock n’ Roll half? yea I know my jokes aren’t good. )  I’m just so happy that I now feel ready.

I finished it off with a really easy yoga sesh tonight to stretch it out, and I’m about to go to bed because I am completely exhausted!

Also thanks for the comments about the morning running!! Glad I’m not alone and that we are not all superhuman morning rockstars, which is what I envision all runners, besides myself, to be.

Anyone else doing the Rock n’ Roll SF?  Other Rock n’ Roll races in different cities?

Nike Training Club Muscle Work


Favorite thing I’ve seen in a while.  This Waldo makes me really happy.  Also I have an urge to go to yoga tomorrow.photo 1-11

So yesterday I did a 7 mile run at a very average pace and was feeling a little better than last week.  I’ve been adding a bit more protein into my diet, sometimes the whole vegetarian thing can be lacking in that category.  While I’m feeling great about eating a ton of fresh and whole foods, I don’t normally count or keep track of exactly what I’m eating, like number of calories, protein etc., and I think maybe I was lacking a bit.  One thing I added back in for the first time in a long time are eggs.  I’ve had this yummy looking egg, cheese, avocado, sprouted wheat bagel the last 2 days as well as my almost daily smoothie for breakfast.

photo 2-9

Yes, that is a large sized mason jar of coffee behind it.  No it wasn’t full originally, that’s the starting level and I added a bunch of milk.  I’m not totally coffee crazed 🙂  Anyways, I think and hope that is what the problem was last week, so I’m trying to keep better track of the exact content I’m eating this week and see how I feel.

Here’s another lovely view of my smoothie obsession.  This was today’s batch:

          photo 4-8photo 3-9

In this batch is:

Strawberry, mango, pineapple, banana, spinach, almonds, chia seed, and water.  It’s just so completely wonderful.

Today I started a run and am having a bit of pain in the tendon behind my knee connected to my hamstring so I changed things up a bit.  I did a few half mile loops around my house, then called it good for running.  I went inside and did a workout from NTC (Nike Training Club) and it was perfect as well as something I’ve been meaning to add more to my daily routine.  NTC is a free app from Nike that has all different kind of workouts, at different levels, and tells/shows you how to do them.   It is really great.  I am not a member at a gym so I often miss the core building/weight lifting element that I should be incorporating and this is a great way for me to do it.  Core muscle is so super important to help prevent injury and be a better runner.  This pain I’m having was a huge reminder of that.

Have you ever used NTC?

Are there other great apps out there that do a good job?


Back in the Swing of Things and Randomness


I was off my blogging routine there for a bit.  I went home to my parents house in the forest and the rain and was working on a project with my mom and it just threw me off!  I did a lot of good eating with the fam though.  Here’s my brother and I as we gave up waiting for my mom to figure out how to use the camera…. haha I guess we do have something in common!

photo 4-4

And the obligatory ferry ride over picture:

photo 3-4

I only ran once for 4 miles while I was there as well, so…. that wasn’t too hot.  The day after I got back I ran 8 miles with a vengeance.  Also, super fun side note, I actually “ran” into my friend on the run who was also out running and we did a couple miles together.  I think we may have to do that on purpose sometime!

I’m super excited to run today because I’m planning on doing a super long run in my new socks that I’m OBSESSED with.  First of all, I have kind of a sock problem.  I love socks.  They have to be wicking and seamless and cute and comfy etc. etc. and when I put these on, I’m not exaggerating, I kind of freaked out, they are like butter.  AMAZING.

photo 2-5

I’m still on a very serious smoothie kick.  Here’s the latest one:

photo 4-3photo 5-2

I really like throwing in chia seeds and almonds.  It is such a complete meal of everything healthy I need for the day, I love it!

Something that always happened to me:  I am excited about a bunch of books that have holds on them at the library, so I reserve them all, then all the holds come through at the same time and I end up with way more books than I can ever possibly read at one time and I am so excited but so sad I will only read 1 or 2 of these before I’ll have to return them!!

photo 1-6Did you know this is at Whole Foods?  Like all the time? Right by where I check out…..I have to walk by it every time….  So far the count is about 20 points cookie bar, 2 points Kari.  It’s a losing battle.

photo 3-3

Last random side note.  This was on the fridge at my parents house.  I love it! I haven’t changed at all.  Actually I have.  In this photo I had an actual hair-do, so I’ve changed a bit…..photo 1-5

The Long Run


So I managed to convince myself last night that the storm and my tiredness were excellent reasons not to go out and run and instead eat a lot of food and watch tv the whole night.  Then I got out the book I’m currently reading and read a bit…..


Has anyone read this?? Matt Long is a completely amazing human being and makes me want to try harder at everything.  My reasons suddenly seemed like the most ridiculous and pathetic excuses!  So I had to run today even though the storm raged on.  It was crazy windy and rainy the entire day, still is.  Once I got out there, and caught my hat from flying off my head a few times, it felt great and exhilarating and I ran 6 miles.  And of course I couldn’t leave home without my iPod so it needed a little help:

photo 1

After I braved the elements I had quite a craving for The Counter.  I have a serious love of veggie burgers and I think The Counter’s version is my favorite.  Plus you get to fill out a little check list with the exact ingredients you want which is really fun for those who are controlling about their food like me.  I have been meaning to try in on a bed of lettuce instead of in a bun so I did it today, and while it was good, I have officially decided I’m a bun girl.  But that didn’t stop me from mixing it up like crazy! Here’s the before and after 🙂

                        photo 2photo 3

That didn’t quite do it for me (I’m telling you I needed the bun) so I made a smoothie because that’s my current obsession.  This one had spinach, strawberries, mango, banana, almonds, and almond milk and was De-Lish!

photo 4

Anyone else brave the storm?